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我們的工廠通過了IS0:9001 品質管理體系認證管理體系認證。所有產品均100%進行外觀檢查和功能檢測以確保我們產品的品質可靠性。





Dongguan Dong Pu Electronics Technology Co. Ltd ( with brand of Dong Pu )founded in 2017,

which located in Nan zha, Humen of Dongguan. It covers 1500M. Dong Pu close neighbors to

Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong. To Shenzhen airport is just about 30 minutes and to

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is just about 1 hour.

Dong Pu always dedicated in designing and manufacturing of capacitive membrane switches,

LGF/EL  Lamp/LED backlight keypads, PCB/FPC membrane switches, rubber keypad switches,

backplane membrane switches, medical device antifungal membrane switches, medical sensors.

outdoor waterproof & UV resistant membrane switches, graphic overlays, rubber keypads, nameplates &labels, display assemblies, ACF assemblies, PCBA/FPCA/PETA, semi-finished product assembly and one-stop total solutions assembly

We are certified by ISO9001,All of our products are 100% fully appearance checked and function tested before the shipment to ensure them with high quality and reliability

Dong Pu always focuses on the new materials testing, new products and technologies research

development Our developed capacitive membrane switches, LGF backlight membrane switches

fingerprint identification membrane switches and other new products are widely recognized by many Europe and USA customers

Our 70% of customers are from USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Swede Switzerland and other countres and aers We are very familiar with overseas customers ,requirements and have established our own business development R&D ,engineering artwork drawing marking production management and quality management system and process

Dong Pu is dedicated to be the leading enterprise for the membrane switches industry in china

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